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Building our airplane
The Ravivs

RV-7A? Yes we are!




Call him Joe. Forth year medical student, he's the one with the PPL in the family (so far). Sometimes I wish his summer vacations would be longer, 'cause that's when he spends a lot of time working with me, building the "ORV". Now that's QUALITY TIME even if I always give in to his choice of background music!
Here he is at work on the Right Wing Leading Edge.


Just call her Taly. She's a legal secretary, lives in Tel-Aviv which means that her visits @home, sweet home are not a good time for work. But they are a good time to check on progress.


This is my wife, Galy. From 9 to 5 a real-time software specialist. On her free time, first priority is masterminding our legs of globetrotting. (Last one was Vietnam, next is Patagonia, February 2004). See her impressions from our trips at the Virtual Tourist website, , that's Galy's homepage.

She can help with those tools really well, but her biggest help is in being 100% supportive of the project, and that means a lot.



Her overseas friends pronounce that as Michelle. Right now in the army, an instructor with the Armour Corps. Whenever at home for the week-end, she sleeps, meets her boyfriend (not neccessarily in that order) or helps building the "ORV".
Right here she's doing the best part of closing shop for the day, updating the "Digital Rivet-O-Meter".