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Building our airplane
4X-ORV Photo Album

"Aircraft building" is BUILDING, it is not yet an Aircraft!
(Mike Raviv's law #1)

At Van's, trying them on for size. At this point of time Yochay starts to forget about the "8" and to think "7".


Going for a ride with Ken Scott as PIC.
Can you see my VISA card?  No???
It's right there in my rear-pocket!


Back at home, a place for free is a place for free, no matter how it looks from the outside...


...but from the inside, well, that's a different story. To transform this place into an Aircraft Factory a few things need to be done (and fast)


like a new (and LEVEL) floor,  walls plastered and painted, add lighting, build a few benches and shelves,etc., etc., etc.


To build a 3 meter wing, you need (to build) a 3 meter workbench first!


RV food analogy: these ribs come bent like a banana. To make a wing out of them, you gotta pull them back in shape, flat as a pancake. Here I'm enjoying just doing that...yummmmmy!