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Building our airplane
Favorite Links

This site is all about airplanes and the hobby of building them. So the links I'll list here follow the same idea. For my favorite movies or dishes, please ask Galy, my wife.
To know more about the aviation hobby, start with the E.A.A., i.e. the Experimental Aircraft Association. While surfing their website, you can join in as a member.

The Israeli Chapter of the E.A.A. is called EAA ISRAEL 1346

To read about the RV line of amateur-built aircraft and to hear from those who actually build them:

For step-by-step online help in building a RV-7/7a, I found the following sites best:

Dan Checkoway's RV project (unbelievable!!!)

Phil Birkelbach's "my rv7"

Rick Crosby's

Jim & Carolina's

For the Mother of All Links (at least as far as the aviation hobby is concerned) visit Mr. Ron Wanttaja's site, he's got them all.