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Building our airplane
The Airplane

Maybe that building an airplane is the biggest ego-trip of them all, or you can think about it as creating your own $50,000 pet.


This is the factory demonstrator, N137RV. We had a chance to fly it (right seat), courtesy of Van's, Kenny Scott being PIC (pilot in command)


For more about this aircraft, visit the kit manufacturer's website:

Van's Aircraft

4X-ORV (reserved callsign)

We are building the "A" version (tricicle landing gear configuration), serial number 70434.  4X is the identifier for ISRAEL, "O" is the one for homebuilts (in our contry) and I was quick enough to get myself the RV suffix. Well, my last name is RaViv, and that did help a little...

Can you see an airplane here?
This is the right wing skeleton just before rivetting.