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Building our airplane

...of an Aircraft Builder.

You don't have to aggree with all or any of them. Even I can feel differently after a good night's sleep. Usually these kind of thoughts do cross my mind while walking home from my shop, a RV-7 take-off run length, and as steep as its climb at full power.

The Performance Specs of a never-to-be-finished homebuilt are not all that important.
(also known as Law #0 of Mike Raviv)
The Most Impressive Performance Specs of an airplane built during 20 years were impressive mostly 20 years ago.
(Corollary of the above)
Remember: Noah's Ark was built by one amateur, the Titanic by a bunch of professionals. 
(From the Internet)
This musta be a family project. Not that we all put the same ammount of time working on it, but we all do talk about it with the same enthusiasm.
If the plans show the left wing, then starting with the right wing is starting with the wrong wing...
Only at VAN'S  "7"  is more than "8", much more than "9", just about half of "10"...
The way to build an aircraft: Work slowly slowly and do that fast.
You'll never ruin a piece when you start working on it, you'll do that when it's almost finished.